XG Seus (App & Web)

is an entertainment and education

collection for high school student from

grade 7 to 12. There are 8 functions

such as Video Library, Book Library,

Games, Competition, Schedule,

Entertainment, Discount, and Forum.

being ready
to go to cinemas

PHUM cinemas is

an entertainment & feafures innovationa app.

that brings the cinemas in cambodia in once by

your fingertips, wherever you are & what cinema it is.

Thinking of going
to buy dictionaries
or want to stay ahead

PHUM DICTIONARY is the leading

mobile dictionary & one of the top ten

free applications in Cambodia.

it has been publishing for learners of

Khmer and English in Android, iOS, & window phone.

khmer library app

is a huge and mass collection of E-book for Cambodia's children,

teenagers andaduld. Khmer people could enjoy reading via smart phone

and tablet to improved general knowledge and skilled and contribute the

culture of writing, reading and sharing in Cambodia